Friday, December 16, 2011

Next-gen London underground display

Below is a mockup of my fantasy next-generation London underground on-platform display, which would not only show you exactly where incoming trains were on the line (and update their progress in real time), but also which carriages were more or less crowded (achieved by sensing passenger body heat or possibly carriage weight, to account for all those suitcases). That way, you could increase your chances of boarding and the platform announcers wouldn't have to keep telling new arrivals to move along the platform.

Go on TfL/CBS Outdoor - you've already got the screens...

Monday, December 12, 2011

How to get AirPlay working on BBC iPlayer iPhone & iPad apps

Struggling to get Apple AirPlay working on the BBC iPlayer iPhone and iPad apps? Here's how:

1. Ensure your iPhone / iPad is running iOS 5.0 or above

2. Ensure your Apple TV is 2nd generation and running v.4.2 or above

3. Open the BBC iPlayer application on your iPhone / iPad

4. Find the programme you want to watch and press play

5. Double press the iPhone / iPad Home button

6. A menu will appear along the bottom of the screen

7. Swipe the menu left to right (once on iPad, twice on iPhone)

8. Click on the AirPlay icon

9. Select Apple TV from the menu

10. Sit back and enjoy!