Friday, August 31, 2007

Would the real Dan Taylor please stand up?

One of the consequences of having not one, but two, common names (Daniel is reportedly the 9th most popular first name in England and Wales and Taylor the 4th most common surname) is that you become more difficult to correctly identify online. Whilst at times this feels like a godsend, at others its a bit frustrating/bewildering. I recently received a friend request from a colleague on Facebook with the accompanying message "Any time I search for anything on the internet - music, dried locusts, the Great Vowel Shift - your name pops up as the fifth search result. If I hadn't worked in the same office with you, I might have decided you were some giant internet hoax..."

So, for the record, I am not Dan Taylor the American shotputter, or Dan Taylor the surfboard manufacturer, or Dan Taylor the Canadian designer, or Dan Taylor the animation supervisor, or Dan Taylor the managing director of the Mobile Enterprise Alliance, or Dan Taylor the genetisit, or Dan Taylor the character from the House of the Dead III video game, or Lieutenant Dan Taylor, the wheelchair-bound Vietnam vet in Forest Gump, or Dan Taylor the Sports Director at Channel 30 Action News, or Dan Taylor the president of the Wealth Capital Group.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

No one, but no one makes me laugh out loud as you do.
Big Pa

Dan Taylor said...

You're also not Dan Taylor the comic book writer. ;-)

Anonymous said...

i guess you're also not the schizophrenic, loquacious daniel taylor, ex airplane pilot/engineer that has recently taken up the hobby of sailing on his hallberg rassey. go to
to the cruising anarchy forum to see your namesake at his best.

Graham said...

Well if it makes you feel any better, you are the only Dan Taylor I know.

For ages I was the only Graham Beale on Google, then Nationwide building society decided to hire a CEO by the name of Graham Beale. Have they no consideration for the real Graham Beale!?

StereoDan said...

Umm, actually I'm the real Dan Taylor :)