Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beta invite giveaway

Thought I'd share some beta invite love. If any tickle your fancy, contact me with your email address via either Gmail or Twitter (fabricoffolly on both). And if you're interested in returning the favour, I'm still after a FFFFOUND! invite :)

UPDATE: FFFFOUND! invite now received (thanks Matt!) Will try and keep the below updated as the number of invites ticks down.

Fire Eagle

Geo-location sharing service
Remaining invites: 0

Music-sharing community
Remaining invites: 4

Social aggregator / lifestreaming service
Remaining invites: 9

Live TV & radio desktop player (PC only)
Remaining invites: 7

Browser-based multi-player online game
Remaining invites: 2

Social aggregator / lifestreaming service
Remaining invites: 41


Anonymous said...

Hey is there anyway I can have your ffffound! invite? email me; blackabee[at]


still lives said...

i've been googling ffffound invite and found this post... wondered if you've got one spare? i would really appreciate an invite! thanks, either way.

Dan Taylor said...

Hi Erin - I'm afraid I've already given away my FFFFOUND! invite (they only give you one)

still lives said...

thanks anyway! seems like gold dust. :)

Anonymous said...

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Wide Circles

Anonymous said...

Hi could you share Ffffound! invite with me too pleasee? secam [@] Thank you so much! \_[.][.]_/”

J said...

ah I would love to be part of FFFFOUND!
if anyone with found invite sees this comment,
may i please get one please?

thanks in advance!!