Sunday, July 13, 2008

Top Ten Best iPhone Apps

So, the App Store is finally with us but which of the 694 apps currently available are worthy of your click (or in some cases, cold hard cash)? Here's a quick run down of my current top ten (sure to change on an almost daily basis as more apps appear).

1.) Remote (Free)

A complete no-brainer but no less brilliant for that, Remote allows you to use your iPhone (or iPod Touch) as a remote for iTunes and AppleTV, including the ability to control your AirTunes speakers.

Download Remote from iTunes

2.) Twitterific (Free)

The best Twitter desktop client comes to the iPhone and is equally brilliant. Nice additional features include a one click update of your location with your geo-coordinates and easy upload of photos via TwitPic.

Download Twitterific from iTunes

3.) Super Monkey Ball (£5.99)

Every bit as fun as those early demos suggested and the perfect showcase of the potential of the accelerometer as a game controller. It's not a push over either.

Download Super Monkey Ball from iTunes

4.) Shazam (Free)

A technology which has finally come of age, Shazam identifies music from a short (c.12 seconds) snippet. The iPhone app includes links to related content on iTunes and YouTube and the ability to attach photos or send to a friend. Available for free for a limited time only.

Download Shazam from iTunes

5.) Enigmo (£5.99)

'The Incredible Machine'-style puzzler which won Best iPhone Game at this year's WWDC. Fiendishly addictive.

Download Enigmo from iTunes

6.) GuitarToolkit (£5.99)

A must for any aspiring Hendrix, GuitarToolkit offers a chromatic tuner (which works as well, if not better than my current standalone tuner), audible tones for tuning by ear, a metronome and a chord library. A quality app.

Download GuitarToolkit from iTunes

7.) Exposure (free)

Slick third-party Flickr app with an easy-to-browse thumbnail-based interface. Covers all the main bases plus a 'Near Me' function which accesses your iPhone's geo-location and shows photos taken nearby. Ad-free version available for £5.99.

Download Exposure from iTunes

8.) Ms. PAC-MAN (£5.99)

The genuine article, developed by Namco and oozing with retro charm. The choice of controller (D-Pad, Swipe or Accelerometer) is a particularly nice touch (the Accelerometer is the least successful of the three).

Download Ms. Pac-Man from iTunes

9.) Urbanspoon (Free)

Restaurant finder with a novel randomisation mechanism (fruit machine reels) which enables you to 'hold' location, cuisine style and/or price and then shake for a recommendation. London is the only UK city at present.

Download Urbanspoon from iTunes

10.) Evernote (Free)

A app to help you remember stuff (hence the elephant logo), Evernote lets you make text, photo and audio notes and integrates with a web and desktop client. It's stand out feature is its ability to make text within images searchable, which works surprisingly well.

Download Evernote from iTunes

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Anonymous said...

There's a great review of the Where and AOL Radio apps on Valet magazine.

Dan Taylor said...

Thanks jjacobn - unfortunately AOL Radio isn't available in the UK (neither is Pandora or Loopt). 'Where' is available but is a bit US centric, with sparse UK data.

Chris Bowley said...

Nice write up Dan. The new firmware lets you take screen shots (useful for blogging about apps!) - press Home + Sleep/Wake and the screen will flash white. It sticks a grab in your camera roll. Saves you taking photos of your phone... :)

Dan Taylor said...

Great tip - thanks Chris

Jon said...

I highly recommend SplashID, the password manager. You'll want the desktop companion, which costs more, but it's worth it I think.