Friday, August 08, 2008

Facespook & Liberty News

The above screengrab and below video embed are both from Facespook; a neat little viral campaign to promote Spooks Code 9, which premieres on BBC THREE this Sunday. It uses technology from Oddcast to enable users to upload a mug shot of themselves which is then rendered onto the protagonist in the video; a neat fulfillment of a prediction I made last September having seen the Dexter campaign and the Facebook Bob Dylan app:

"Whilst neither implementation is perfect (both suffer from problems with word wrapping), they're both impressive and an interesting indicator of a likely future direction for promotional videos, which will no doubt soon incorporate user-submitted photos and videos, as well as text, to further personalise the marketing message"
Also worth checking out is Six to Start's accompanying alternate reality experience, Liberty News and Adrian Lobb's Guardian blog post which asks whether the Spooks Code 9 website is better than the show and, more significantly, whether the future of television drama is actually on the web. I, unfortunately, won't be able to pass judgement as I'm off on holiday in about 9 hours to a land where the iPlayer doesn't stream. See you in a week.

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