Saturday, February 19, 2005

Losing my blogging virginity

Thought it was high time I bit the bullet and joined the world of blogging. Every man and his dog seems to have a blog these days and I could see the symptoms of blog-envy beginning to manifest themselves in my behaviour (twitching, swearing, lunging at strangers). Moreover, it's only a matter of time before my father starts blogging and I pride myself on being fractionally ahead of him in the technology-adoption curve.

So, a bit about me. I work as a Project Manager for BBC Radio & Music Interactive, a department set up to take the BBC's radio and music brands and content onto digital platforms (e.g. the web, digital TV, mobile phones). I've recently overseen the relaunch of the BBC Radio Player (accessible from which, for the uninitiated, allows you to listen 'on demand' to BBC radio programmes for up to a week after broadcast. I may well write some more about the Radio Player in the future but till then you can read about the relaunch on Guardian Unlimited or Dan Hill's blog (a colleague, seasoned blogger and all round good bloke).

So, what will I be writing about? Well, radio, music and the web are all likely topics (the words holiday and busman's spring to mind) as are cinema and photography. I also think it unlikely I'll be able to keep my obsessive list-making in check for long so look out for extracts from my unpublished (and indeed, unwritten) magnum opus 'Alphabetised Confessions of an Obsessive Compulsive'.

Now, what happens it I click publish...

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Anonymous said...

re the end of para 1: I'm quite flattered that you think I might, but it would not be likely to surprise you: I do little new IT-wise without asking you first!
What I do not understand is where I'd find the time without hitting eBay still further on the head.....