Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nike + iPod Flickr group

Pleased to see that the Nike + iPod Group I set up on Flickr is starting to take off. It's now got 39 members and a few virtual race meetings have been organised (latest race: the ambitiously titled The fastest human alive!). The group map shows members from Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, Los Angeles, London and Spain - a truly international running club!

It's interesting to note how Flickr is filling in the gaps created by the shortcomings of the official Nike+ site, which offers only very basic community features. This feels indicative of a broader trend on the web, borne of a culture of mash ups and APIs, to harness the functionality of one site or service to address the deficiencies of another. Rather than lobby Nike to improve its community features, users are simply appropriating the functionality they need from elsewhere. Will be interesting to see whether Nike clock this and how they respond. Will they be keen to bring the community activity around Nike+ back onto their own site or will they see a benefit in allowing it to be dispersed on third-party sites?

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