Wednesday, April 25, 2007

VHS videos - free to a good home

Somewhat belatedly (and more than two years after technical laggards Dixons) I've decided to clear some shelf space and bid a final farewell to what's left of my VHS collection. Rather than spend hours listing the tapes on eBay/Amazon or carting them down to my local Blockbusters (only to be offered a derisory sum for what are some of my favourite movies of all time), I've decided to give them away for free on a first come first served basis. Just email me (dan at stating which video(s) you'd like (freeloader pays postage). Will be interesting to see whether the VHS market has now dropped away to the point where you can't even give tapes away for free. Will give it a couple of weeks then whatever's left will be dispatched to a charity shop on the Walworth Road...

8 Mile
The Big Lebowski
Boogie Nights
Close Encounters on the Third Kind
Dr. Strangelove
Fight Club
Get Shorty
Ghost World
The Godfather Part II
The Graduate
Jackie Brown
L.A. Confidential
Live Flesh
The Negotiator
Pulp Fiction
Raging Bull
Rain Main
Reservoir Dogs
Stand By Me
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Taxi Driver
The Truman Show
The Usual Suspects
Wonder Boys
Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave


James Cridland said...

Would love to take advantage of this offer, but I haven't owned a VHS video player since 2001...

Anonymous said...

Still have those VHS tapes? email me at

Anonymous said...

I would love to take off your hands just let me know .

P.O.Box 8113
wise , va. 24293

Thanks Darlene mullins