Wednesday, October 10, 2007

NBC uses DOGs for multiplatform CTAs

Following on from my earlier post on why Heroes raises the bar for multiplatform media, it's interesting to note how NBC are once again pushing the envelope through their use of animated DOGs (digital on-screen graphics) for specific multiplatform CTAs (calls to action). Whilst 'now and next' promos have become relatively commonplace (especially Stateside), I think it's the first time I've seen related online content promoted in this way.

Below are a couple of grabs taken from Episode 2 of Heroes Season 2; one invites viewers to "discover more while you watch - log on now to"; the other promises "clues to the new season - check out the Heroes graphic novel at". The positioning of these CTAs has clearly been given some thought; the former appears directly after the opening credits finish (c.13 minutes in), encouraging viewers to log on whilst continuing to watch; the latter appears in the final three minutes, inviting viewers to continue their Heroes experience online, after the programme has ended.

Whilst British TV remains fairly cautious in respect of DOGs, tending to favour discrete channel logos in the top left-hand corner (see to get a sense of the strength of opposition in some quarters), the US networks appear to be diving headlong into increasingly intrusive visuals. Whether the promotional value and increased brand-attribution that DOGs potentially deliver outweighs the ire of some viewers, only time will tell. In the meantime, it looks like we'll be served up an increasing elaborate array of on-screen graphics, increasingly promoting content beyond the linear schedule.

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Dan said...

Very neat. It helps that it's a nice bit of graphic design too. Bring it on, I say (although I suspect it would be nice to have an 'on/off' toggle too).