Saturday, December 08, 2007

Which mobile next? You decide...

my mobile history

One area of technology in which I've always been strangely retrograde is mobile phones. My first handset was a Nokia 5110, which I bought at university back in the late Nineties. My 'upgrade' path since then has been: Nokia 3210 (February 2000) > Nokia 8310 (July 2002) > Motorola V980 (May 2005) > Nokia 8310 (June 2005) > Sony Ericsson K750i (June 2006). My unfortunate one-month dalliance with Motorola in May 2005 is detailed here.

So, for the last 18 months I've been soldiering on with a chunky K750i with a broken joystick, waiting for my contract with Vodafone to run its course. As of this week, I'm a free man with a world of mobile possibilities open to me. And can I decide which handset to plump for? Hell, no. Which is where you come in. I've been wanting to try out PollDaddy for a while now and have decided to kill two birds with one blog post by inviting readers to vote on which mobile they think I should go for.

My top five priorities (which unfortunately aren't perhaps wholly compatible) are:

  1. Battery life - all the functionality in the world isn't worth a mobile which dies when you need to make a phone call
  2. Internet access - ubiquitous, uncapped and as fast as possible please
  3. Size (esp. depth) - time to leave behind the "is that a K750i in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?" gags
  4. Camera - not too fussed about megapixels, just one which isn't completely crap in low light conditions
  5. Appearance - call me shallow, but having spent the last 18 months getting the mobile equivalent of the Hunchback of Notre Dame out of my pocket, I'm ready for something a little more svelte
my mobile future

Enough preamble, onto the vote. I've picked out five contenders with a free text option if you think I've overlooked my dream handset. Now get voting - my mobile future is in your hands...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dan - since your trying out the vote thing, it didn't work when I selected "other" and typed in "Nokia N82" - it returnde the error: "Vote failed, please try again." Anyway, more importantly, check out the N82