Wednesday, June 04, 2008

BBC Topics & Genre Index Betas

Another day, another BBC beta. Or two betas to be precise, both of which have been taking up a fair bit of my time and headspace over the past year or so.

One is (a companion piece of sorts to, which launched as a beta last October) which aims to automatically aggregate the most relevant and up-to-date content has to offer on any given topic, be it a person, place or subject. It's very much a beta at present, covering only the tip of the potential topics iceberg (66 at the time of writing) and is still a bit rough around the edges in places, but the potential is hugely exciting. Matt McDonnell has the full low down over at the BBC Internet Blog.

The other is the first two manifestations of a suite of new genre indexes; one around Gardening, one focused on Arts & Culture (with similar pages for Drama, Food, Science & Nature, Health, Film, Religion, Lifestyle, Ethics, Comedy, Entertainment, Parenting and History all in the pipeline). These new indexes replace a disparate assortment of existing genre homepages with a much more coherent portfolio, balancing consistent navigational elements and layout with distinctive visual design in line with the new 'visual language' of These elements include a main promo area consistent with the new BBC homepage and a 'TV and Radio Programmes' module, automatically pulling in relevant episodes from Props to David Kidger, Alex Youngs, Richard Cable, Adam Powers, Michelle Butler, Ian Hamilton, Al Boley and Peter Barclay.


Carl and Luca said...

How funny, massive improvement. I was looking at the BBC site last night and wrote this:

That was a quick response BBC!


Carl and Luca said...

Funny, i saw your update in my Twitter stream before I saw it on my blog :-)

They look really good, well done. It's really coming together.

Anonymous said...

Dan, just a small question on this. Topics are sliced by person, place or subject. I was wondering why the url's are not sliced this way too?


instead of:


Like the links to /programmes by the way :)

Dan Taylor said...

@whomwah - good question. We did debate it. Think we might revisit it.

kim said...

Yay, at last! Congratulations all of you.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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