Thursday, July 31, 2008

Round-up of round-ups

Max mentioned in passing yesterday that some of his Stateside chums had enjoyed my round up of Innovative online shopping interfaces and suggested that I provide an aggregation of similar product round-ups in the side bar of this blog. I've done so and also pasted it below for the benefit of RSS subscribers who rarely visit the site in person. Inevitably some of the lists are now a bit dated, although its an interesting chronology of what product sectors I considered blog-worthy over the last couple of years. Anyone got any suggestions of which product areas I should cover next?

iPhone apps (Jul 2008)
Twitter apps (Jun 2008)
Keyword trending tools (May 2008)
TV character blogs (Apr 2008)
Music apps - part three (Mar 2008)
Lifestreaming services (Mar 2008)
iPhone web sites (Nov 2007)
Virtual worlds in development (Oct 2007)
Virtual worlds (Oct 2007)
DIY live video streaming services (Aug 2007)
Facebook applications (Jun 2007)
Internet TV services (May 2007)
Niche social networks (Mar 2007)
Profile aggregators (Mar 2007)
Music apps - part two (Feb 2007)
Wii music and video sites (Feb 2007)
Technology trends (Dec 2006)
Widgets (Nov 2006)
Music apps - part one (Oct 2006)
Video sharing sites (Aug 2006)
Music discovery apps (Jun 2006)

And for the sake of completeness, here's a round-up of my non-tech related round-ups:

Albums of 2007 (Jan 2008)
Films of 2007 (Jan 2008)
Songs from film soundtracks (Sep 2007)
Films of 2006 (Jan 2007)
Albums of 2006 (Jan 2007)
Singles of 2006 (Dec 2006)
Music videos (Oct 2006)
Films of 2005 (Jan 2006)
Albums of 2005 (Dec 2005)
Films of 2004 (Feb 2004)

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Anonymous said...

I know I should be posting something clever about online shopping interfaces, since that is why Max sent me your link in the first place, but instead I have to commend you on putting The Good, The Bad and the Queen, The Shins, and Spoon on your Best of 2007 round-up. They are on my Best of 2007 list too.
SYP Says Best Songs of 2007
SYP Says Best Songs of 2008