Thursday, November 06, 2008

US Election punditry: 47 out of 50 ain't bad

Whilst I waited nervously for the US election results to start coming in on Tuesday night I decided to have a crack at predicting the state-by-state outcome using the CNN Electoral Map Calculator. Once completed, I took a screengrab, uploaded it to TwitPic and then tweeted a link to it (timestamp: 11:53 PM). Fast-forward a few hours (although it has to be said, they didn't go particularly fast) and 47 of the 50 states had gone the way I'd predicted (I got Montana and Indiana wrong whilst Missouri was too close to call). Does a glittering career in US political punditry await or was it, despite all the noise, actually quite an easy election to call? Either way, my faith in the American electorate has been restored, Barack Obama is on his way to the White House and, praise be, they had to update this website rather than this one.

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