Sunday, July 26, 2009

30 Must-Download iPhone Apps

So, you've just purchased a shiny new iPhone 3GS and you're wondering which apps to download? Here's an update on my previous lists, this time organised by category:

Best utility apps
The apps you'll fire up again and again
1.) Tweetie (£1.79) - the best iPhone Twitter app bar none
2.) London Tube Deluxe (£0.59) - a must for all Londoners without chauffers
3.) National Rail Enquiries (£4.99) - never have to call 08457 48 49 50 again
4.) Urbanspoon (Free) - find an eatery by location, cuisine and/or price
5.) Ocado (Free) - the weekly food shop just got even easier
6.) Stanza (Free) - eBook reader. $200 cheaper than a Kindle :)
7.) Movies (Free) - find out what's on at your local cinema
8.) Spoonfed (Free) - find out what events are going on near you in London
9.) (Free) - check words without a web connection
10.) RadioTimes (£2.99) - the best of the UK TV listings apps

Best games
The apps which will make even the longest train journey fly by
1.) The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (£4.99) - pocket sized version of one of the best games of all time
2.) Fieldrunners (£1.79) - fiendishly addictive tower-defense game
3.) California Gold Rush (£1.79) - engrossing gold mining puzzle game
4.) FlightControl (£0.59) - draw finger-fightpaths to safely land aircraft
5.) Toki Tori (£1.19) - Lemmings-style platform puzzler
6.) Bejeweled 2 (£1.79) - a great port of the gem-swapping classic
7.) Rolando 2 (£5.99) - quirky platform puzzler, which makes full use of the iPhone's accelerometer
8.) Let's Golf! (£1.19) - the best golf game for the small screen
9.) Stoneloops! of Jurassica (£0.59) - Bejeweled meets Space Invaders
10.) Wurdle (£1.19) - no, not the word cloud generator, but a rip-off of that old family favourite, Boggle

Best novelty apps
The apps you'll show your mates that will make them want an iPhone
1.) Face Melter (£1.19) - hideously distort your friend's face and then animate it
2.) QuadCamera (£1.19) - passport booth in your pocket
3.) Rimshot & Crickets (Free) - for all your badum-tish needs
4.) Ocarina (£0.59) - turn your iPhone into a primitive musical instrument by blowing into the microphone
5.) Photoswap (Free) - creepy real-time random photo-swapping

Best music apps
The apps which make the world's best music device even better
1.) Simply Music 2 (£3.49) - remotely access your computer's music library
2.) (Free) - stream over 5 million tracks for free
3.) Shazam (Free) - algorithmically identify that mystery choon
4.) midomi (£2.99) - Shazam for hummers
5.) GuitarToolkit (£5.99) - tuner, metronome and chord database


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re music apps: orblive allows you stream music, video & pics from your pc.

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