Monday, August 18, 2008

Catching up / BBC short-form video nuggets

Just back from a week's media-free* holiday (*excepting the Saturday Guardian, Gavin & Stacey and Season 5 of The Wire) and spent much of yesterday catching up with inbox, feed reader and iPlayer. On the assumption that you're probably not that interested in the highlights of my inbox, below are a few tasty nuggets from my TV/video viewing; Britain From Above, Maestro, Kermode Uncut and the Olympics TV trail - all great examples of short-form video, made sharable thanks to the BBC's rather splendid Embedded Media Player (EMP), the unsung hero of the iPlayer story. More great short-form video on the BBC YouTube channel and each of the above sites (Britain From Above is especially worth a visit - it took me ages to decide which clip to share there are so many gems). Right, back to work...


Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes out for 'Mouth To Mouth' on BBC3 (and eventually hopefully this will also be a good example of good BBC short form using the EMP ;-)

/Shamless self promotion finished.

Robert Andrews said...

How have you embedded those videos? The last three don't have an "Embed" link in the "Share" nav.

I wanted to embed this iPlayer episode this week ( and resorted to this hack ( - but I couldn't find the corresponding playlist file (XML) I needed to make it work.