Sunday, December 21, 2008

Best Albums of 2008

Yes, it's that time of year again; when Dan makes lists. First up, my top albums of the past 12 months; a list which seems to get shorter every year (25 in 2006, 20 in 2007, 15 this year). Not sure if I'm getting more discerning, more narrow-minded or just don't find enough time to listen to new music anymore. Whatever, there have been some cracking releases from a mix of old and new artists (ok, mostly old). Interested to hear what you think's missing...

The Seldom Seen Kid

Standout tracks: One Day Like This, The Fix
Only By The Night
Kings Of Leon

Standout tracks: Sex On Fire, Use Somebody
Langhorne Slim
Langhorne Slim

Standout tracks: Collette, Worries
Way To Normal
Ben Folds

Standout tracks: You Don't Know Me, Dr. Yang
Fleet Foxes
Fleet Foxes

Standout tracks: White Winter Hymnal, Your Protector
Oracular Spectacular

Standout tracks: Kids, Time To Pretend

Standout tracks: Butterflies And Hurricanes, Knights of Cydonia
For Emma, Forever Ago
Bon Iver

Standout tracks: Skinny Love, Flume
Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend

Standout tracks: I Stand Corrected, Oxford Comma
Modern Guilt

Standout tracks: Modern Guilt, Walls
Dear Science
TV On The Radio

Standout tracks: Halfway Home, Golden Age
Hey Ma

Standout tracks: Hey Ma, Waterfall
Seventh Tree

Standout tracks: A&E, Some People
Weezer (Red Album)

Standout tracks: Pork And Beans, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

Standout tracks: Supernatural Superserious, Man-Sized Wreath

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for only making it 15. Because your musical taste is very similar to mine, I've filled my collection every year with Whatever Dan Taylor Thinks Is OK. This year will be cheaper. Good.

etcook said...

you forgot Portishead - 'Third' !

Unknown said...

Sigur Ros and Laura Marling are missing!

Anonymous said...

You've just cost me a lot of money ;-)

Thanks, that's a great list.

Unknown said...

I agree with ETCOOK and Chris. Portishead Third and Sigur Ros missing from that list. I'm not overly keen on the Elbow album. Good. Not great. No better than the Doves last album.